Updated May 28, 2024: 3.34 is out.  

Download ZXW Tools here:

Archived news:

Updated September 22, 2023: 3.33 is out.  

Updated January 10, 2023: 3.32 is out.  

Update September 2, 2021: is out.
Update July 6, 2021: is out.  I would wait to install this version. New versions have a history of causing some issues.

Update November 27, 2020: Another minor version update to

Update November 26, 2020: Looks like there was a minor version update  ( today.

Update November 25, 2020: I’m not sure if this is a new version or not, but there was an update to the ZXW download links today.  Google is still tagging these files as malicious.

Update November 9, 2020: New version released, but ZXW didn’t update the version number.  Download at your own risk because google is flagging the file as malicious.  Also, Windows will flag it as a trojan.

Update October 27, 2020: ZXW 3.3 was released today.