Here’s the full list of ZXW Tools supported devices:

Please note that most drawings don’t have schematics associated with them, meaning, there is no component level details.

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Mobile   Phone Classification Model Name
iPhone Series iPhone12mini RF
iPhone Series iPhone12mini CORE
iPhone Series iPhone12ProMax RF
iPhone Series iPhone12ProMax CORE
iPhone Series iPhone12Pro_CORE
iPhone Series iPhone12Pro_RF
iPhone Series iPhone11(with network and part number)
iPhone Series iPhone11Pro MAX(with network and part number)
iPhone Series iPhone11Pro(with network and part number)
iPhone Series iPhoneSE_2020(V3.2)
iPhone Series iPhone11 Pro Max(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhone11 Pro Max_RF(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhone11 Pro Max_core(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhone11 Pro(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhone11 Pro_RF(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhone11 Pro_core(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhone11(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhone11_core(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhone11_RF(Trial model)
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max_FPC
iPhone Series IrPods wireless charging case
iPhone Series iPhoneXR_RAM
iPhone Series iPhoneXR(AB)
iPhone Series iPhoneXS (AB)
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max(AB)
iPhone Series  iPhoneXS Max whole   board
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Whole board
iPhone Series iPhoneXS RF
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Core board
iPhone Series iPhoneX  Core board
iPhone Series iPhone_intel
iPhone Series iPhoneX  Qualcomm
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max Volume cable
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max  Startup cable
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max Infrared receiver
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max_Earpiece
iPhone Series iPhoneXS
iPhone Series Max  front   camera
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max charging socket
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max  Upper left antenna
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max  Lower main antenna/auxiliary antenn
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max  Lower main antenna
iPhone Series iPhoneXS Max   Upper antenna
iPhone Series iPhoneX_intel(AB)
iPhone Series iPhoneX_intel
iPhone Series iPhoneX_intel_RF(820-00869-A)
iPhone Series iPhone X  Qualcomm(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone X   Qualcomm RF
iPhone Series iPhoneX   infrared receiver
iPhone Series iPhone X  front camera
iPhone Series iPhone X  Infrared lattice
iPhone Series iPhone X  Distance sensor
iPhone Series iPhoneX  Upper antenna
iPhone Series iPhoneX   lower main antenna
iPhone Series iPhoneX   Lower main antenna/auxiliary antenn
iPhone Series iPhoneX  Charging socket
iPhone Series iPhoneX   Volume cable
iPhone Series iPhoneX_Earpiece
iPhone Series iPhoneX_Volume_Coil
iPhone Series iPhone_startup cable
iPhone Series  iPhone_USB  Charging plug
iPhone Series iPhone_Speaker
iPhone Series iPhoneX_core_fpc
iPhone Series iPhone8P_inteL_RAM
iPhone Series iPhone8P_intel(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone8P_QCOM(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone8P_QCOM(Inner line)
iPhone Series iPhone8P  Intel
iPhone Series iPhone8P_Touch
iPhone Series  iPhone8P_TOUCH
iPhone Series iPhone8_intel_RAM
iPhone Series iPhone8_intel(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone8  Qualcomm(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone8  intel
iPhone Series iPhone7Plus_intel(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone7Plus  Qualcomm(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone7Plus  Qualcomm
iPhone Series iPhone7Plus   Wire under the screw hole
iPhone Series iPhone7Plus_intel
iPhone Series  iPhone7P_Touch
iPhone Series iPhone7_intel(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone7  Qualcomm(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone7  Qualcomm
iPhone Series iPhone7  intel
iPhone Series iPhone6SPlus(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone6SPlus(820-00040-A)
iPhone Series iPhone6SPlus  Second layer trace under the screw hole
iPhone Series iPhone6S(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone6S(820-5507-A)
iPhone Series iPhone6S  Wire under the screw hole
iPhone Series iPhone6Plus(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone6Plus(820-3675-A)
iPhone Series iPhone6Plus  Wire under the screw hole
iPhone Series iPhone6(AB)
iPhone Series iPhone6(820-3486-A)
iPhone Series iPhone6  Boot-flash cable
iPhone Series iPhone6   Wire under the   screw hole
iPhone Series iPhone5C(820-3581-A)
iPhone Series iPhone5S  Mobile
iPhone Series  iPhone5S Unicom
iPhone Series iPhoneSE(820-00282-A)
iPhone Series iPhone5(820-3141-B)
iPhone Series  iPhone4S(820-3031-B)
iPhone Series iPhone4(wifi+Bluetooth module)
iPhone Series iPhone4cdma(820-2766-C)
iPhone Series iPhone4(820-2548-B)
iPhone Series  iPhone 3GS(2MV94V-0)
iPhone Series iPhone 3G(E187565)
iPhone Series iPhone1 B(820-2021-08)
iPhone Series iPhone1    A(820-2597-A)
iPhone Series Apple peel
ipad Series iPadAir3_wifi(820-01529-A)
ipad Series ipad2018_wifi
ipad Series ipad2017
ipad Series ipad Pro3_4G(12.9inch)
ipad Series ipad Pro3_wifi  (11inch)
ipad Series ipad Pro_wifi  (12.9inch)
ipad Series ipad Pro_4G(10.5inch)
ipad Series ipad Pro_4G(12.9inch)
ipad Series ipad Pro_wifi
ipad Series ipad Pro
ipad Series ipadPro-4G  (9.7inch)
ipad Series ipadmini4
ipad Series ipad mini3
ipad Series ipadAir2
ipad Series ipad mini2
ipad Series ipad Air
ipad Series ipad4
ipad Series ipad mini
ipad Series ipad3
ipad Series ipad2
ipad Series ipad4
Huawei Series Honor 10(HL2HRYM)
Huawei Series changwan7(HL1DURAM)
Huawei Series Honor 30S(HL3CDYPM)
Huawei Series ENJOY 8E
Huawei Series HONOR X10
Huawei Series HONOR Play
Huawei Series Enjoy10
Huawei Series Nova7SE
Huawei Series Nova7
Huawei Series Enjoy 9S
Huawei Series Play4Pro
Huawei Series Nova6SE
Huawei Series Nova6SE
Huawei Series P40
Huawei Series Honor V30
Huawei Series Nova6_5G
Huawei Series P9
Huawei Series Mate9
Huawei Series Honor V9
Huawei Series Mote10
Huawei Series Nova4E
Huawei Series Nova4E
Huawei Series Honor 20S
Huawei Series Honor Magic
Huawei Series P10 Plus
Huawei Series Mate 10 lite
Huawei Series Mate30Pro
Huawei Series P30 Pro
Huawei Series Nova5iPro
Huawei Series Mate30
Huawei Series Honor V10
Huawei Series Nova5i
Huawei Series Mate10Pro
Huawei Series Honor Note8
Huawei Series Honor 20Pro
Huawei Series Honor8A
Huawei Series Honor7A
Huawei Series Mate30_5G
Huawei Series HonorPlay3
Huawei Series Honor 9X
Huawei Series Enjoy9Plus
Huawei Series Nova3E
Huawei Series Nova5Pro
Huawei Series Mate RS
Huawei Series Mate20 Pro
Huawei Series Mate20X
Huawei Series Mate20
Huawei Series P30 Pro
Huawei Series P30
Huawei Series P20 Pro
Huawei Series P20
Huawei Series P10
Huawei Series Enjoy9
Huawei Series Wheat7
Huawei Series NOVA4
Huawei Series Nova3i
Huawei Series Nova3
Huawei Series Honor Magic2
Huawei Series Honor V20
Huawei Series Honor 20 Youth
Huawei Series Honor Note10
Huawei Series Honor 10
Huawei Series Honor 8X Max
Huawei Series Honor 8X
OPPO Series A83(2BD011-2)
OPPO Series R11T(2AB060-0)
OPPO Series Reno 10x zoom version(2BD186-0)
OPPO Series K5(2RB030-0)
OPPO Series R15
OPPO Series A9X
OPPO Series A91
OPPO Series Reno(2AD066-0)
OPPO Series Reno3(2BD310-1)
OPPO Series K1(2BD193-0)
OPPO Series Reno2(2AE002-0)
OPPO Series R17Pro(2AD055-0)
OPPO Series RenoZ(2BD230-0)
OPPO Series K3(2DD155-0)
OPPO Series Find X  Lamborghini
OPPO Series Find X
OPPO Series R17
OPPO Series R15X(2BD193-0)
OPPO Series A5(2DD003-0)
OPPO Series 2BC081-0
OPPO Series 2DA057-2
OPPO Series 2DB001-0
OPPO Series A53(215029-0)
OPPO Series 2DA001-1
OPPO Series 2DB007-1
OPPO Series A33(215036-0)
OPPO Series R9km(2TD31602-0)
OPPO Series 2EA017-0
OPPO Series 2DA011-0
OPPO Series 2CB036-0(R9SPlus)
OPPO Series 2DB015-0
OPPO Series A33(215036-0)
OPPO Series R9km(2TD31602-0)
OPPO Series 2EA017-0
OPPO Series 2DA011-0
OPPO Series 2CB036-0(R9SPlus)
OPPO Series 2DB015-0
OPPO Series A33(215035-0)
OPPO Series R9S(2AB017-1)
OPPO Series A59S(2CA001-2)
OPPO Series A59M(2CA001-1)
OPPO Series R9S(2DB017-0)
OPPO Series R9(2AC0033-0)
OPPO Series A59S(2DA065-2)
OPPO Series A57(2BC051-0)
OPPO Series R9plus(2BC1053-0)
OPPO Series A37(2DA077-2)
OPPO Series R9sk(2AB035-0)
OPPO Series A37(2AA027-1)
VIVO Series X21S(ET2014AM)
VIVO Series Y93S(PD1818AM)
VIVO Series Y5S(PD1934AM)
VIVO Series Y83(PD1803AM)
VIVO Series Z5(PD1921AM)
VIVO Series Y9S(ET301OAM)
VIVO Series X20Plus
VIVO Series X21(ET2005AM)
VIVO Series Y97
VIVO Series Z5X
VIVO Series S5
VIVO Series NEX2
VIVO Series Y7S
VIVO Series X23
VIVO Series NEX3
VIVO Series X30
VIVO Series IQ00 Pro
VIVO Series NEX dual display
VIVO Series X27Pro
VIVO Series IQ00
VIVO Series Vivo Nex S
VIVO Series Vivo Nex
VIVO Series X27
VIVO Series X21Li
VIVO Series X20A
VIVO Series Y93(A)
VIVO Series Y93
VIVO Series Y85A
VIVO Series Y75
VIVO Series Y66BA
VIVO Series X20A
VIVO Series XPlay6
VIVO Series X9Splus
VIVO Series X9S
VIVO Series X9
VIVO Series X7Plus
VIVO Series Y67
MI Series RedmiNote5
MI Series Redmi10X_4G
MI Series Redmi6Pro
MI Series Redmi Note7Pro
MI Series Mi CC9
MI Series Mi Note8
MI Series Mi MIX3
MI Series Mi 9SE
MI Series Mi CC9e
MI Series Redmi K30
MI Series Mi 8SE
MI Series Mi 8 Youth Edition
MI Series Red Mi K20Pro
MI Series Mi Max1
MI Series Mi Max2
MI Series Mi Max3
MI Series Mi Note3
MI Series Mi MIX2
MI Series Mi MIX1
MI Series Mi MIX2S
MI Series Mi MIX2
MI Series Mi MIX
MI Series Mi9
MI Series Mi8Transparent Discovery
MI Series Mi8
MI Series Mi6X
MI Series Mi6
MI Series Mi5S Plus
MI Series Mi4C
MI Series Mi4_TD
MI Series Mi4_WCDMA
MI Series RedMi_Note4
MI Series RedMi_Note3
MI Series RedMi_Note2
MI Series RedMi_NOTE
MI Series Mi3-WCDMA
MI Series Mi3-TD
MI Series Red MI
MI Series Mi2S
MI Series Mi2A
MI Series Mi1
Samsung Series Note8(N9500)
Samsung Series Galaxy S9(G960F)
Samsung Series Galaxy S9 Plus(G965F)
Samsung Series Galaxy S8 plus(G955F)
Samsung Series Galaxy S8 Plus(G955U)
Samsung Series Galaxy S8(G9500)
Samsung Series Galaxy S8(G950F)
Samsung Series Galaxy S8(G590U)
Samsung Series Galaxy S7 Edge(G935D)
Samsung Series Galaxy S7 Edge(G935F)
Samsung Series Galaxy S7(G930F)
Samsung Series Galaxy S7 Edge(G9287)
Samsung Series Galaxy S6 (G9287)
Samsung Series Galaxy S6(G920V)
Samsung Series Galaxy(G9280)
Samsung Series Galaxy S6(G9250)
Samsung Series Galaxy S6(G920F)
Samsung Series Galaxy
Samsung Series S6(G9200)
Samsung Series Galaxy S5(G9009W)
Samsung Series Galaxy S5(G9009D)
Samsung Series Galaxy S5(G900F)
Samsung Series Galaxy S5(G900H)
Samsung Series Note8(N950F)
Samsung Series Note5(N920S)
Samsung Series Note5(N920G)
Samsung Series Note5(N920A)
Samsung Series NoteEdge(N915F/G)
Samsung Series Note4(N910F)
Samsung Series Note4(N9109W)
Samsung Series Note4(N910U)
Samsung Series Note3(N9009)
Samsung Series Note3(N9006)
Samsung Series Note3(N9005)
Samsung Series Note2(N719)
Samsung Series Note2(N7100)
Samsung Series W2017
Samsung Series W2016
Samsung Series W2015
Samsung Series W2014
Samsung Series W2013(REV06)
Samsung Series W999(12.22)
Samsung Series W899(Rev1.5)
Samsung Series W899(Rev0.7)
Samsung Series W899FPC(2010.10.04)
Samsung Series W799(2009.11.04)
Samsung Series W709(2009.03.14)
Samsung Series W699(2008.11.06)
Samsung Series W629(2007.09.06)
Samsung Series W589(2009.10.15)
Samsung Series W579(2006.11.03)
Samsung Series S8300(REV.0.5)
Samsung Series S7562(REV05)
Samsung Series S7272
Samsung Series S5830i(REV0.9)
Samsung Series S5830(94V0.1140)
Samsung Series S5628(R04.100129)
Samsung Series S5230(4909.E2.08)
Samsung Series S3650(2009.03.20)
Samsung Series S3600C(ADP901503)
Samsung Series S189(2008.02.02)
Samsung Series S139(2006.05.25)
Samsung Series A910F
Samsung Series A520F
Samsung Series A9000
Samsung Series A8000
Samsung Series A7100
Samsung Series A7000
Samsung Series A5000
Samsung Series i535
Samsung Series i579(Rev04)
Samsung Series i589(Rev06)
Samsung Series i699(Rev06)
Samsung Series  i809
Samsung Series i8160(REV0.6)
Samsung Series i8190(REV0.7)
Samsung Series i8552(REV08)
Samsung Series i9003(REV08)
Samsung Series i9082(REV1.0)
Samsung Series i9082(REV1.0)
Samsung Series i909(1046-C3)
Samsung Series i9100(REV1.3)
Samsung Series  i929
Samsung Series i9220(Rev0.7B)
Samsung Series i9300
Samsung Series i939(REV09)
Samsung Series i939D(REV08)
Samsung Series i9500
Samsung Series i747
Samsung Series i959
Samsung Series i9505
Samsung Series i9090
Samsung Series i9200
Samsung Series i8262
Samsung Series i9060
Samsung Series B2100(2009.05.20)
Samsung Series B289(2008.10.10)
Samsung Series B2700(08.07.29)
Samsung Series B7732(2010.06.17)
Samsung Series B9120(REV12)
Samsung Series J730F
Samsung Series G5000
Samsung Series J120A
Samsung Series J510FN
Samsung Series G532F
Samsung Series G7200
Samsung Series J700F
Samsung Series J500F
Samsung Series J100F
Samsung Series L500
Samsung Series J500H
Samsung Series G5309W
Samsung Series G530H
Samsung Series G7106
Samsung Series G530H
Samsung Series G7106
Samsung Series G3815
Samsung Series G3812
Samsung Series CC03(07-03.W6)
Mac Series A1466
OnePlus OnePlus6
E-cigarette IQOS New 3.0 Heating rod
E-cigarette IQOS New
3.0 Charging case
E-cigarette IQOS New One machine
E-cigarette Charging board protection board
E-cigarette Electronic cigarette charging box
E-cigarette Electronic cigarette charging box
SONY Series X10
SONY Series LT29i
SONY Series L36h
SONY Series LT15i/LT18i
SONY Series ST15i/ST18i
HTC Series 830
HTC Series P800
HTC Series S1
HTC Series T5399
HTC Series HD
HTC Series HD2
HTC Series G3
HTC Series G6
HTC Series G5(G7)
HTC Series G8
HTC Series G9
HTC Series G11
HTC Series G12
HTC Series G13
HTC Series G14
HTC Series G14FPC
HTC Series G21
HTC Series ONE-S
HTC Series ONE-X
HTC Series ONE
NOKIA Series C5-00
NOKIA Series 5610
NOKIA Series 5800
NOKIA Series 6300
NOKIA Series 8600
NOKIA Series E63
NOKIA Series E72
NOKIA Series X6
LG Series KG70
LG Series KP500
LG Series VX9100
LG Series VX9700
LG Series VX10000
LG Series Nexus 5
LG Series G2
Blackberry Series HM3
Blackberry Series HM2
Blackberry Series HM1
Motorola Series ME525
MTK Series ME525
MTK Series MT6223
MTK Series MT6223P
MTK Series MT6225
MTK Series MT6225A
MTK Series MT6226BA
MTK Series MT6253
QCOM Series QQC1100
QCOM Series QSC6020
QCOM Series QSC6055
QCOM Series MSM6050
QCOM Series MSM6500
QCOM Series MSM6800
QCOM Series MSM6800A
QCOM Series MSM7625
QCOM Series MSM6290